Monday 9 February 2015

Pennsylvania Station (Newark) - James Aiken

Waiting At The Station

Waiting at the platform edge for the train to come bring me home, I gaze at the light patterns from lighting fixtures and open structure above at Newark Penn Station in Newark, New Jersey.

Waiting For The Train

Waiting for the train at the platform edge of Pennsylvania Station on Newark, New Jersey. Enjoying the sun and shadows cast by the structures above.

Newark Penn Station, designed by the renowned architectural firm McKim, Mead and White, is a mixture of Art Deco and Neo-Classical. The interior of the main waiting room has medallions illustrating the history of transportation, from wagons to steamships to cars and airplanes, the eventual doom of the railroad age. The current building was dedicated on March 23, 1935; the first regular train to use it was a New York–Philadelphia express at 10:17 on March 24. The new station was built alongside (northwest of) the old station, which was then demolished and replaced by the southeast half of the present station, completed in 1937. Except for the separate, underground Newark Light Rail station, tracks are elevated above street level.

 Pennsylvania Station (Newark) - Wikipedia

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