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Harlem Hellfighters
J. Patrick Lewis

Harlem Hellfighters - Amazon

U.S. Children’s Poet Laureate

Westerville, OH - United States

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Harlem Hellfighters In Action

Harlem Hellfighters in action. Here, the men of the 369th are depicted wearing the American Brodie helmet; however, after being detached and seconded to the French, they wore the Adrian helmet, while retaining the rest of their American uniform. This particular image displays the action at S├ęchault, France on September 29, 1918 during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. They would have worn the American Brodie helmet at this time.

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Meuse-Argonne Offensive - Wikipedia

369th Infantry Regiment (United States)

The 369th - Harlem Hellfighters

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The Steerage - 1907
The Confusion with Copyright

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Copyright Claim? - © 2000 George Eastman House:

When looking at the details from the two links above it would not be unreasonable to conclude that one or the other have their details wrong. Wikimedia claim The Steerage by Alfred Stieglitz is in the Public Domain, if the photograph is in the Public Domain then George Eastman House are mistakenly or falsely claiming copyright when they have no right to do so.

Here Are A Few Others That Might Add To The Confusion

Alfred Stieglitz, American, 1864-1946
The Steerage, 1907
15 7/8 × 11 1/16 in. (40.4 × 28.1 cm)
The Jewish Museum, New York
Purchase: Mr. and Mrs. George Jaffin Fund, 2000-6
© 2008 Georgia O’Keefe Museum / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

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Copyright:© 2015 Estate of Alfred Stieglitz / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

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Whitney Museum of American Art

Credit line

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Gift of an anonymous donor

Accession number

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Worcester Art Museum

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From the above link between information on the photograph is a Copyright Notice link that opens the following:

Copyright Information

Unless otherwise noted, the Worcester Art Museum is the owner of all copyrights for images represented on this web site. Permission to reproduce works, whether in print media or any electronic media, or any technologies not in current use, must be obtained by the Registrar's Department. The museum reserves the right to grant approval and to collect reproduction fees deemed appropriate. Any unauthorized use by any person or entity will render them responsible and liable to the museum for appropriate compensation and other costs, regardless whether the person has profited or is responsible for such unauthorized use.

To request permission to duplicate scans or for a limited reproduction license, please make your request in writing (no phone calls, please), to the attention of the Registrar's Department.

Registrar's Department
Worcester Art Museum
55 Salisbury Street
Worcester, MA 01609-3196


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

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Near the bottom of the page near the image it says the following.

Copyright © 1998 – 2015 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art



Alfred Stieglitz–The Steerage

Near the bottom of the page near the image it says the following.

Copyright ArtsMinnesota

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The Image is on sale here: £16.50 GBP

The Image is on sale here: $54.99


This image is available for download, without charge, under the Getty's Open Content Program:
(21.86 MB)

It comes in at around 9.5 X 12 inch

I wonder

Would anyone like to buy it?

I could run it though some photo editing software if you want and include some fancy bits and pieces that might be to your liking.

Photo Secession Poster

Photo Secession poster 1906 / Updated 2015

Copyright Details:

The Hand of Man by Alfred Stieglitz

The Hand of Man / Incorporating book cover details

Photo-Secession - Wikipedia

The book cover and photograph were published in "A collection of American pictorial photographs as arranged by the Photo-Secession."

Download the book at the link

Published 1904

Copyright Details:

Georgia O'Keeffe

November 15, 1887 – March 6, 1986

Georgia O'Keeffe - wikipedia

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin - United States

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Alfred Stieglitz

January 1, 1864 – July 13, 1946

Alfred Stieglitz - wikipedia

Hoboken, New Jersey - United States

Copyright Details:

Fanny Mills

1860 – 1892

Fanny Mills

Well that just about wraps it up

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Fedor Jeftichew

October 5, 1855 – December 8, 1927

Fedor Jeftichew - Wikipedia

A Giant
Who Knows?

On elevated ground
So their hats can be found

Above the eyes
And not blocking sound

The guy on the right has been caught

Mid itch

As for the guy on the left

Your guess is as good as mine

While the big guy uses talc

Myrtle Corbin

May 12, 1868 – May 6, 1928

Cleburne, Texas - USA

Myrtle Corbin - Wikipedia

Charles Eisenmann

October 5, 1855 – December 8, 1927

Charles Eisenmann  - Wikipedia


Frank Wendt


In 1898 Charles Eisenmann was succeeded by Frank Wendt.

Further Down The Road

July 11, 1851 – October 8, 1912

Millie and Christine McKoy

Millie and Christine McKoy  - Wikipedia