Saturday 28 March 2015

World Trade Center by Paul C Ross

World Trade Center From Nj Terminal

  • Taken from NJ terminal inn 1998. Shot with Hasselblad on color negative film then scanned into a digital file and rendered as a solarized and Oil painted print.

    World Trade Center 1999

  • WTC Rendered as oil in Photoshop. Shot with Hasselblad in 1999 and scanned from 8x10 print.

    About Paul:

    Photography has been a life long passion and hobby that passed through several phases beginning with street photography when I was in my teens. I obviously started in the world of film and chemistry, and gradually came into the world of digital imaging. Automation and digital imaging opened a whole new creative dimension for me. I no longer had to pay close attention to technical issues like focusing and setting exposure and so I could now put my full attention on the subject and my perception of it and how I wanted it rendered. My current photographic interests center on animals in their natural environment and visual patterns that I find interesting. I shoot opportunistically as I visit local wildlife areas or as I ride my bicycle along the NJ shore. I find the behavior of birds and other animals fascinating and capturing images of them in their natural setting is a significant challenge.

    Thank you for visiting my site here at Fine Art America and for taking the time to look at my work.

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