Sunday 26 April 2015

New York City by Charlie Cliques

Overwhelm Me New York

"Overwhelm Me New York" is a digitally altered photograph highlighting vibrant yellow taxi cabs on the street against the dark tones of the beautiful architecture in NYC.

New York City has more skyscrapers than any other city in America. New York is also one of the top tourist destinations. This photograph was captured in Times Square; the tourism hub of the city. Times Square, located in the borough of Manhattan, is bustling 24/7 with countless shows, museums, restaurants, bars, and other activities for crowds of all ages.

Hudson River Fall Landscape

Hudson river landscape captured in Fall. Photograph taken while walking in the Upper West Side of the famous Central Park, New York City. The air was as crisp as the reflections in the water. This beautiful image captures mallard ducks swimming in the vivid blue river and the soft white clouds in the sky.

The Other Side

"The Other Side" is a photograph of a carnival on the other side of the fence in Central Park, NYC. You never know what you may find in New York City's famous park!

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