Friday 9 January 2015

Python in a New York Subway & Be gone with Ye
Geordie Gardiner

Python in a New York Subway

Miriam Danar posted me a message telling me the news that her work, "Begonias at the window, on this cold and grey snow-day " was placed among two other entries in the Photograph of the Week Competition run by New Yorkled.

I thought, ah, an opportunity to possibly get a little creative. An hour or so later I had done very little other than to see if loading the image as a screen saver might inspire me.

So you might say I started to doodle, digitally. Using the colour scheme of Miriam winning photograph I began to build an image, working with the Clone Tool to pick up this and change that and tweaking it here and tweaking it there.

The bright yellow of the vent in Miriam's photograph put me in mind of a New York Taxi and after a while thinking of transport I titled my first effort, "Python in a New York Subway."

I liked the image but I thought I would attempt to take my ideas further, to include darker thoughts that have been playing around in my mind prior to viewing the 3rd series of "the Walking Dead."

After a number of hours I produced an image that I was pleased with but I could not think of a title other than "Be gone with Ye."

Flowers the mask

That cover dead

While all about they are walking

Sometimes on green

And sometimes on red

Not knowing there's a python

That will snap off their head

Find information on Miriam's "Begonias At The Window"  <> HERE <>

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